Nuzhat J. Haneef Recognizing the Messiah
Assessing Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qaadiyaan: His Claims, His Views, His Character, and His Movement


I now offer some concluding thoughts, on the following topics, in corresponding sections:

  • 5.1, Mirza Ghulam Ahmadís Motivation and Modus Operandi.

    The purpose of this document was to show that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was not a Divine apostle and the Ahmadiyya Movement is not based on truth. I did not set out to determine the motivation for Mirza Ghulam Ahmadís falsehood or to find out how he was able to dupe his followers; therefore, I have stayed away from discussing this in the document proper. However, in this section of the Epilogue I will offer some views on this topic.
  • 5.2, My Journey Continues.

    In this section I will make some comments related to my current religious position.