Nuzhat J. Haneef Recognizing the Messiah
Assessing Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qaadiyaan: His Claims, His Views, His Character, and His Movement

We are pleased to present this monumental work by Nuzhat J. Haneef.

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One of the problems with being an "informed Ahmadi", i.e. one who has read MGA, is the challenge to be logical just as we are logical and open in the rest of our lives.

Nuzhat J. Haneef has bridged this gap and has trusted her reason with a painstaking labour of love -- and has fulfilled her obligation to God by reflecting and pondering to the best of her ability. May Allah reward her efforts and lead her to the goal of her search for the truth.

Haneef's work hits hard on two points:

  • It is impossible to logicaly defend Mirza Ghulam Ahmad on each and every statement that he wrote, and some rationalization is required.
  • It is impossible to logically believe in ALL the claims of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, as required by the Qadianis' initiation formula.