Hakeem Noor-ud-din
Khalifa-tul-Messih the 1st
1908 - 1914
Mirza Basheer-ud-din
  Mahmood Ahmad
   Khalifa-tul Messih the 2nd 
   1914 - 1965
Mirza Nasir Ahmad
Khalifa-tul-Messih the 3rd
  1965 - 1982
Mirza Tahir Ahmad
Khalifa-tul-Messih the 4th
   1982 - 2003
Mirza Masroor Ahmad
  Khalifa-tul Messih the 5th
    P1 , P2 , P3 , P4
    P5  .
     October 12,   2006
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As of September 30,   06
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* Jama'at Derpash Masail Aur Un Ka Hal          ( Urdu) April/2004
*Nizam Khilafat Ka Sahee Islami Tasawar           (Urdu) May/2004
*AhmadiyyaNews Site Ki Waja-e-Takhleeq.            (Urdu) June/04
*Well Come to Canada Khalifa Tul Massih           (Urdu) July 2004
* Ifrad-e-jama'at Ahmadiyya ki Zimadarian     (Urdu) August 2004
* Nizam us ki Ahmyiat aur Takazaa  (Urdu)           September 2004
* Jamat Ahmadiyya Ka Ghair Islami Rohjan  (Urdu) October 2004
* Islami Khilafat Aur Jama'at Ahmadiyya      (urdu ) January 2005
* A Meeting with       Hadi Ali Sahib              (Urdu) February 2005
* Ikhraj Az Nizam Jama'at Aur Kharpanch          (Urdu) April 2005
* Ikhtalafat in Jama'at & Ilham Wasa Mukanak (Urdu) May 2005
* Jama'ati Qiadat Per Tanqeed Ka Inam             ( Urdu) June 2005
* Electoral College & Quranic Concept            (Urdu) August 2005
* Pashgoi     Musle Maud      (Urdu) September 2005
* Pashgoi   Musle Maud ( Part Two )   (Urdu) November 2005
* Ilzamat Ma Ghiri AhmadiyyaNews          (Urdu) January     2006
* Kia ya Wohi Jama'at Ahmadiyya Ha       (Urdu) March       2006
* Taqwa Insaf Ka Taqaza aur Jama'at       (Urdu)  June          2006
* Intekhab Khilafat Ahmadiyya   (Urdu)  August      2006
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A Whistle-Blower
Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad A.S.
Promised Messiah And Mehdi
       1835  To 1908
      Interview with
  Hafiz Akbar Choudhry
(August 16, 2006)  
        Demonstration Up-Date
                            (July 03,2006)
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  Members Lajna Canada                               (March23, 2006)
  Jama'at Ahmadiyya Al Mouslemeen
    (February 21, 2006)
          Abdul Ghaffar Janbah Sahib
  (January 04, 2006)
Comments of Concerned Members towards AhmadiyyaNews.
* I very much appreciate the courage and incentive which brother Mubashar Dar has shown, and we are learning a lot from him. He has a true conscious and free spirit, and he has adopted a very wise and result oriented strategy. He is one of the pioneers of this journey to freedom, and he is like a first drop of rain in the world of Ahmadiyya barren minds, and slave souls.Khatim
* “Mr Dar is a strong believer in Democracy, therefore, defender of freedom of speech. I dont want to speak for him but that is how I view him and respect him for the courage he has to be a "Wistle Blower". This is a great service to the Jamaat, Islam and Humanity.”            tiptop
* I tell you, and I will say this only in the form of an OBVIOUS hint, the Ahmadis need to REALLY re-think things. And I believe that that re-thinking begins with listening to Mubashar Dar.    Abubakar
* Brother AhmadiyyaNews (Brother Dar to those who know him personally) is a courageous person who is one of few human beings who act out of the courage of their convictions.       Akber Choudhry